When I am not out I am reading 2017 (books)

When I am not busy and haven’t the time for a trip I like to read, so below is 2017’s book list.

Aucillary Justice Ann leckie.

I enjoyed this book, although I did find it a bit confusing at first.

fathomless Riches Or How I went from Pop To Pulpit Revd Richard Coles. Funny and honest.

Bringing in the Sheaves. Wheat and Chaff from My Years as a Priest Reverend Richard Cole.

Another good read, even if you are not religious, (l am not, but still enjoyed it).

A Cat Called Alfie Rachel Wells.

A lovely little story about a cat that just wants people to be happy and will go out of his way to help them.

The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher Hillary Mantel.

Short stories, some very strange.

Bring up the bodies Hilary Mantel.

Follow up to Wolf Hall, Henry has got rid of Anne to make way for Jane. A good read.

The Shepherd’s Crown Terry Pratchett.

The last ever disc world, the last ever book from Terry.

Tiffany Aching along with the other witches, the Wee Mac Feegles, a bunch of old men, Geoffrey and his goat Mephistopheles, save the Disc world from the elves. I read this book as slowly as I could because I knew it was the last one and I didn’t want it to end. I have read and re-read the disc world novels so many times, it’s sad to think there will be no more.

God Bomb Kit Power.

A young man takes hostages at a revival meeting and he wants to talk to God, he wants answers and if God won’t talk to him personally he’s going to blow up the building with everyone in it.
Brilliant, page turner, I couldn’t put it down.

All The Birds In The Sky Charlie Jane Anders.

Patrica is a witch, Laurence a scientist, both of them outsiders. They meet as children and become friends bit circumstances make them drift apart. Years later they meet up and between them start the end of the world, but they also save just enough to start again. A good read.

The Three Body Problem Cixin Liu,

This really is a fantastic book. A Sci-fi novel which incorporates cutting edge scientific concepts and China’s cultural revolution.  Ye Wenjie witnesses Red Guards beat her father to death this event shapes  the rest of her life and also the future of mankind.

The Dark Forest by Cixin Liu the follow-up to The Three Body Problem, not as good as the first book. After 10 or so pages I was quite bored.

The Whip Hand by Douglas Maxwell. This book is actually a script. The story is about   Dougie’s 50th  birthday, spent with his ex-wife, her new husband and a couple of kids, A story about slavery,  power, privilege, blood ties and our inescapable past. I enjoyed this one.