Thoughts 2017

I have come to the conclusion, that getting old with all it’s aching joints and making easy things hard, is so that we welcome death with open arms when he finally comes knocking.


Sometimes I despair at the world, is this the beginning of the end?


If at first you don’t succeed…leave it for someone who knows what they are doing.


I wonder where the world would be if there had never been explorers. If we were all living in the country we were born in total oblivious of anything out side of that.  Would be be happy and contented having only what we knew?


If August is the height of summer why is it cold and dark between 9pm and 6am?


On the news this morning, a car mounted the pavement in London knocking down some people. People began to scream and run away, people shouted terrorist attack, it wasn’t, it was an accident. Are we becoming paranoid?