Day To Day 2017


Our back garden looks like a scene from the Somme, dead headless frogs everywhere!


Mother’s day didn’t go to plan, my nice relaxing day was interrupted by a mad dash to the vets with Kitten.


Productive day, I love a productive day. I painted the porch and as I had to wait 2 hours before I could give it another coat I decided to play with my mother’s day presents.

First the little cat on the left, last year my son brought me a book called Crafting with cat hair by Kaori Tsutays, she shows you how to make felt out of the hair you groom from your cat, and then turn it into sweet little kitty objects.

This year He brought me a candle making set, this is my fist attempt, the flowers disappeared! I think my top layer of wax was too thick. Never mind it still smells lovely.


More terror attacks, something needs to be done, but what is the question. My first reaction is not very PC, although I am properly not the only person who’s gut reaction was the same as mine.


Voting day yesterday, I am yet to turn on the news to see who is now running what was this once green and pleasant land, I say was because we are fast becoming a third world country, and yes I will happily argue/debate/discuss that point. I normally have no problem voting but yesterday I found it so hard. There were five candidates on form , but everyone knows it really only comes down to Labour or Conservatives. While I agree with the Labour ideas of turning the NHS around, more funding for care, schools and housing, (although I don’t know where they will find the funding). I can’t agree with the ideas about terrorism and immigration.  As for the Conservatives, I like the way they are dealing or beginning to deal with terrorism. The shoot to kill policy which no doubt saved lives on the London bridge needs to be in place, terrorism needs a firm hand. I love that May is going in guns blazing for leaving the EU. I can’t agree with privatising the NHS which they are doing, be it in a very backhanded way, cutting old age pensions, and walking all over the working classes. So I made a protest vote.

I had the weirdest of dreams last night. There was a cow lying on our drive with two calf’s, there was a fox with an identification tag around its neck, the fox was killing hedgehogs and leaving them in the road, one of which was white. I told my son and he said it had been going on for some time, and a large man had told him he had to put one of the hedgehogs out of its misery but he said he couldn’t. So the man hit the hedgehog with an over sized shovel.
Very odd