Thatcher Cider Tour

Myrtle Farm
Station Rd,
BS25 5RA

Admission £12 per person

A nice little informative tour of the Thatchers factor and a little look at the orchard, (from the top of a bank). The tour all depends on which parts of the factor are working because of safety issues.  We saw where the apples are brought in and taken into the factor, we heard about the apples that are used and the mixing process. I hadn’t realised that cider is made from eatting apples, cooking apples and cider apples or a mixture of each.  We saw the bottling process and the 150 year old oak vats it all ended with a tasting session.   I am quite partial to a drop of 458.

Thatchers is a family run business and at this time is run by fourth generation cider maker, Martin who took over in 1992. It all started in 1904 when William John Thatcher first made his first apple cider at Myrtle Farm. His farm workers had the cider as part of their wages, and the ciders were said to be the best around. Stanley Thatcher who was born in 1910, was the real cider pioneer, he  decided to start making draught cider and sold a lot to local pubs. In 1965 they got their first  hydraulic press, in 1970 John Thatcher took over the business, expanding the orchards and the presses. The vats were moved to their new home in 1981.

The factor also has a pub attached called The Railway which is a nice little pub, there is also a Thatchers shop just up the road to buy your goodies. A nice couple of hours even if you don’t like cider.

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