The Chalice Well and Gardens

The Chalice Well and Gardens
Chilkwell Street,

Admission Adult £4.50 Child £2.50

(The photo is of me in the healing pool, yes I do believe in this type of thing, I also took the Red waters and the White waters from the White spring although we didn’t go in as it was closed)

Chalice Well gardens is not just a garden it’s a place of spirituality, calm and love. (I have heard people say it’s just a very small garden, I think  these people either don’t get it or have no soul).  I felt really at home here, I just wish I lived nearer.

It’s not a garden to rush around or be loud in and it does have rules.

No smoking,  no alcohol,  switch off phones,  Supervise children, respect the designated areas for quite reflection, remain fully clothed and only eat in the meadow.

The Chalice Well Trust was established in 1959 by Wellesley Tudor Pole to protect the well and waters enable visitors and pilgrims to receive inspiration and enjoyment from the gardens, and healing from it’s waters.

The garden is small  but built with lots of little hideaways in which you can sit quietly and contemplate  the red waters run throughout the garden and can be bathed in at King Arthur’s  Healing Pool and drank from the Lions Head.

The first pool is the Vesica, the water falls from seven bowls into a large pool then into another pool, then into a small river which runs across the lawn. Next King Arthur’s Court and Healing pool, the pool as been on this spot since the 18th century and is fed by a cascade in which you an see the red iron that makes the water red.  Just above this is the Lions Head from here you can take the waters, no more than a few sips as  the water is very rich in iron. Just above this is the Holy Thorn, well an off cut of. The real Holy Thorn can be found on Wearyall Hill. Then a small path takes you onto the Well Head and Sanctuary but before this on the left hand side hidden in the tall plants is  the Angel Seat, tucked under an ivy arch, the back of the seat as an Angle statue to sit next to. The Sanctuary has a small corner with a Madonna and child and a place to sit, and The Well Head. The cover of the well has a wrought iron Vesica Piscis with a lance passing through it. The Vesica Piscis is an ancient symbol of two interlocking circles symbolising  the union of heaven and earth, or spirit and matter. The waters  flow ceaselessly at a steady rate and temperature that never varies. Legend has it that  Joseph of Arimathea buried the Chalice used at the Last Supper and used to catch some of Christ blood at his Crucifixion here and a spring of red water bubbled up.   Others  believe the waters are  a gift from Mother earth an acknowledged as the essence of life and the unbound life force.


“The more love we reflect and share with one another, the greater will be the supply available to us: a supply that is infinite, boundless, never failing and eternal. When the truth of this realisation is recognised and utilised we shall be on the first lap of the road leading to the arrival of “Heaven on Earth.”” – Wellesley Tudor Pole

We then moved on to the Abbey.


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