Telford Exotic Zoo

Exotic Zoo At Lakeside Plant Centre,

Admission adults £3.50 children £2.50

This little zoo houses 70 animals, (although we couldn’t find 70). The web sight invites you to ‘Explore our Rainforest Zone, Desert Zone, Nocturnal Area ‘but given that these zones are in fact small sheds that have the cages/tanks set in such a way that anyone looking at one tank obscures two or three other tanks that coupled with a member of staff standing in the doorway holding animals makes it almost impossible to get into these sheds, or see anything when you are in there. From what I can make out this  is a newly opened zoo and given this, there are a few pens that have no live animal but to have model animals.  They do offer experiences the cheapest £35 for 30 minutes  with the Meerkets.


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