Moor Street

Birmingham Moor Street station
West Midlands
B4 7UL

Moor Street is my favorite Birmingham station, with it’s glorious Great Western style canopies and reproduction 1930’s lamps, clock, seating, and signage. When I heard that it was going to be re-model, (which for me always means turned into a monstrosity) I was a little perturbed and when I saw the artist’s impression I wasn’t reassured, it looks like they are putting a bloody great kayak on the top.

The station was first opened in 1909 with temporary buildings which were made permanent fixtures in 1914. In 1967 it fell victim to the culling of the British rail network under the Beeching Axe, the trains returned in 1978.
In the mid 80s work got underway to create a new Moor Street Station which left the old station abandoned, the last train to use its old terminus was the steam special Clun Castle in September 1987.

The old station was not demolished but forgotten and fell into disrepair. Historians believe being forgotten about was key to its survival.

In 2002 an £11 million transformation of the old Moor Street into a 1930’s Great Western station began and it was joined with Snow Hill.



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