Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park

Pershore Road
B5 7RL

Admission adults £6.25 child £3.30

The name of the game here is conservation, the zoo works with other zoos to help with breeding programs.

The zoo itself is small and flat, there is a picnic area and a play area for little ones, some of the animals they have include European Lynx – a big cat that used to be native to Britain, and many groups are hoping to reintroduce
Monkeys, tamarins and lemurs and the rare species  Yellow Breasted Capuchin Monkeys
Domestic animals – goats, pigs, guinea pigs and sheep from around the world
Cranes and ibises – wading birds
Snakes and lizards – including the amazing Rhinoceros Ratsnake, skinks, geckos and a very handsome Komodo lizard
Red Pandas – a few years ago one of these cheeky chaps appeared  on the news after he escaped from his pen
Otters, antelope, wallabies, a very cute sloth, and ‘oh I want one’ little armadillos.


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