Beadnell to Bamburgh along the Beach

Around 9 mile round trip

This walk can be done either along the coastal path or along the seashore depending on the tides.

We decided to walk the shoreline as hubby’s knee was playing him up. The walk leaves the beach for a short time at Seahouses which if time allows is a lovely little village that is well worth a visit.

The walk starts at Beadnell from the road you walk a short way through dunes onto a volcanic beach. The hardened rock forms a landscape of huge ripples almost like another world, and there are some beautiful colours to been seen in the formations. This is also the place to see brightly coloured seaweeds and cove after cove of rock formations.

At seahouses you leave the beach for a short walk along the top before dropping back down, it is at this point the volcanic rock begins to disappear  along with the coves and the beach stretches out  straight as far as the eye can see in front of you. Along this stretch of the beach the wreak of a ship can also be seen.

Towards the end of this walk Bamburgh castle comes into view in all it’s glory, looming over the beach from it’s vantage point high on the hill. You can get to the castle by following the path through the dunes.




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