Lindisfarn Castle

Lindisfarn Castle
Lindisfarn Island

Admission adult £7.30 child £3.60

The castle sit on top of a volcanic mound known as Beblowe Craig, and can be seen from miles around. The castle was built in 1550 after the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII as part of the defences of the realm against attack by Scotland.

The castle has 13 rooms, 4 public rooms and 9 bedrooms plus a bathroom. All of which look the same. The rooms are empty of any features to distinguish them as anything other than just another empty room, what the room do contain is ‘art work’ by Anya Gallaccio which consists of wooden frames covered with blankets.

This is one of the worst castles I have ever visited, in my opinion a total waste of money.

Another thing I found annoying is that if you are not careful  they try to charge you £8.10 the extra is gift aid.

No photos as the place was so boring   I couldn’t be bothered.


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