Summer in Southside

Summer in Southside

Admission Free

Another full filled weekend in Birmingham. Summer in Southside is an annual event, where the streets of Southside are turned into a play ground for all children and young at heart.

This years line up

Imagination Illustration by Connor Edwards – a workshop by the illustrator showing tips and trick to illustrating.

The Actual Reality Arcade- a life sized interactive game zone, where you are part of the game, couldn’t get in here for the kiddies. I fancied a game of giant Tetris.

Bostin Brass – A brass band playing Ska, Funk and Soul, very good

Dot Comedy Small Wonder Tour –  a very small  world dotted around Southside, tiny models built on pavements and in cracks in walls, some of them took some finding.

The Fabularium There Be Monsters!  – This is a roaming play and if you have ever been on one or caught up in one you will know how much fun they are. We followed Don Quixote and his side kick Sancho Panza around Southside as they went on their epic quest to right wrongs fight monsters and make the world a better place, non of which they accomplish, great fun on the surface, but I couldn’t help feeling that there was an undertone of a mental health message.

Fantaboulosa! – story  telling, face painting, lip-syncing and the wonderful world of drag, for 3 -8 year olds, shame I fancied a bit of glitter on my face.

Festive Road Dinosaurs – Hilary the Triceratops, Terry the flapping Pterodactyl and Baby Rex, I loved these so much.

Fresh Agency Boogie Storm – As seen on Britain’s got Talent, the dancing Stormtroopers, I didn’t see these.

Gorillabot – a funk/rock band who play dressed as gorillabots, don’t ask me I didn’t see these either.

Kuljit Bhamra Chuteny in the Street! – A lovely love story from Trinidad, music, song and dance, what more could you want.

Mufti Games Massive Battleships – A huge game with one team at one end of the street and the other team at the other, binoculars were needed.

Osadia – These were brilliant,  two hair and make up artists pick people from the audience and do their hair and makeup, but not any old make over. While I watch they took a woman and put a metal frame in her hair, then spray her hair up in little spikes, next her face and hair were sprayed blue and white flecks painted on face and hair. Blue and sliver pipe cleaners were added to the frame and a cut out of the picture of the woman screaming in the shower scene of psycho popped on. It looked so good, I really wanted ago, but I wasn’t lucky enough to be picked, my son was but he wouldn’t go up.

Pif Paf SEED – I loved this too, I laughed that much I had tears. Wilford is growing trees but plagued with slugs, his chicken Napoleon, (a puppet) does his best to help.   It was like a Pantomime  in as much as you had to shout out when you saw a slug. Stand to close and you get wet, and children close to tears towards the end when Napoleon gets eaten  but a huge balloon slug, but it all ends happily.

Fun DCM – daytime party for little kiddies.





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