Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral
The Close

Admission Free.
Tour Free

Norwich cathedral is one of the prettiest cathedrals I have been in. Founded in 1096 by Bishop Herbert de Losinga, the first Bishop of Norwich after he moved his Bishop’s seat from Thetford to Norwich in 1094. He set to work building a new cathedral and monastery run by the prior and his monks, following William the Conqueror’s practice of consolidating both secular and religious power in one place.

A Anglo-Saxon settlement and two churches were demolished to make way for the 44 acre walled enclosure. The riverside location was chosen because the majority of the stone used to construct the cathedral was imported from Normandy.

The Bishop never saw the completed cathedral as he died in 1119. The Bishop was buried in a tomb before the High Altar. Bishop Everard de Montgomery continued with the construction and became the second Bishop of Norwich. The cathedral was completed in 45 years.

The spire is the second tallest in England at 96m, and has the largest surviving cloister.

Take the tour as the guide points out many of the things you would miss walking around on your own, like the bosses on the ceiling which tell the stories of the Bible from the creation to the last judgement.




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