Eye Music Trust – Colourscape
On Tour

Admission varies depending on where you experience the installation. Around £3.50 to £4.00

Think a bouncy castle maze without the bonce but with music and you have it. This is a wonderfully relaxing away to spend half an hour. The blurb on the MAC site stated Across the lake, nestled in Cannon Hill Park, MAC and Eye Music Trust presents Colourscape, an amazing walk-in labyrinth of intense colour and light. Enter a new world where views of intense colour open up in every direction. The colours radiate as you make your way through 25 interlinked chambers including a large silver dome filled with musicians and dancers. As they lead you through the ‘Symphony Of Senses’ fragrances are released synchronized with the music. While we had the colours and music we didn’t get the fragrances.

Before you enter the labyrinth you are given a coloured cape to wear so that you become part of the installation, remove your shoes and enter. then you can take whichever path you wish, sit where you wish and listen to the music, or find the sliver room to see the dances. The colours are really vibrant especially the Red and the whole place has an almost spiritual feel.



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