Norwich Castle

The Square Box On The Hill – Norwich Castle

Admission adults £9.50 children £8.10
admission to tower adults £3.70 children £3.50 extra
addission to dungeon adults £3.70 children £3.50 extra

Originally built as a royal palace. Norwich Castle was a showpiece decorated with lavish interiors. By the turn of the 14th century, the walls no longer symbolised wealth but conveyed power and authority as it became the County Gaol. In the 19th century the prison was relocated and the Castle was left to fall into ruin. Later it was turned into a museum.

The museum has some interesting artifacts but overall I can’t recommend a visit, it is very over priced. The tour of the tower didn’t tell us anything that we hadn’t heard on the bus tour, and the dungeon tour is done like a child’s tour even though it was all adults, there is obviously only one script and it has to be delivered whether there are children there or not.




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