Blakeney National Nature Reserve

Blakeney National Nature Reserve

Boat trips to the island are run by several boat companies.
We went by Bishops Boats Adults £12 child £6

We went by Bishops Boats, picking the tickets up at Blakeney Quay and then taking the short (about 30 minutes or so) pretty coastal path through the salt marshes to Morston Quay. You can park at Morston but why miss out on the lovely walk. The boat trip takes about 1 hour, although we were out there a little longer. The trip out takes you passed an old lifeboat house and up to the point just close enough to see the birds and seals without disturbing them. On the trip out the skipper pointed out points of interest and sea birds. Once at the island we saw the Terns who were nesting and had chicks. The Terns lay and bring up their chicks on the open beach, the chicks look like small stones and it wasn’t until they were pointed out to me that I could see them, after you have spotted one you can see them everywhere. The seals were basking on the beach enjoying the warm weather and we were lucky enough to see a male, female and cubs on the beach. The male came out to look at us but cleverly managed to dive under the water whenever anyone lifted a camera.  We also watched the Terns diving  food.

The island is a safe haven for the birds and seals and is looked after and protected by the National Trust, it is possible to walk on the point, however you cannot get near the birds or seals, so if it’s them you want to see take a boat trip.






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4 Responses to Blakeney National Nature Reserve

  1. ladyfi says:

    Looks like a lovely place.


  2. Cristina says:

    Looks like an awesome place! 🙂


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