The Crystal Canal Walk

The Crystal Canal Walk
1½ mile total 3 mile if you return to starting point.

This walk starts at Canal Street, Stourbridge DY8 4LU and goes to  The Red House Glass Cone, Wordsley, DY8 4AZ.

The walk is a pleasant walk along good well kept towpaths, there are some steep parts, the walk takes you through part of the history of the glass industry of  Stourbridge.

At the beginning of the walk, (not part of the walk but worth a look) is a lovely two story antique shop called Granny’s attic, a little further down from this shop is the  Bonded Warehouse.  Originally built in 1799 to hold high value goods like  tea, spirits and tobacco, which  were taxable so were held in secure or ‘Bonded’ warehouses. The warehouse now hosts community events,

When you reach Neville Garratt Bridge if you look closely at the underside you can see  grooves, these allowed panels to be fitted  to close the canal down to one way traffic for repairs. On the opposite side of the canal  limekilns can be seen, lime used to be quarried from the hills around Dudley. A little further on you come to a row of cottages built in 1829 by J Guest, although I doubt very much they looked as they do today.  All along the walk old glass factory’s can be seen some of which are mere shells others have been turned into shop/flats etc. Eventual you come to the Red House Glass Cone  which is the most complete example of an intact glassmaking cone in the UK and is now a museum. This is the point when the walk ends and you can either walk back along the canal or take a bus back to the start point.



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