York’s Chocolate Story

York’s Chocolate story
Kings Square
Y01 7LD

Admission Adult £11.50 child £9.50

Those on a diet beware, lot’s of samples on this tour. I really enjoyed this place and not just because of the chocolate.

The tour starts with a talk about York’s chocolate and a sample, then moves  on to a surround film about the history of chocolate and a sample, next comes a very cleverly done history of York’s chocolate done with talking portraits and another sample. Another talk and into the chocolate making room. Here you are shown how the cocoa bean is turned into chocolate, yet another sample but this time you are taught how to eat this piece like a professional taster.   Next you make your own chocolate lolly-pop to take away, whilst this is setting you watch the professionals make chocolate filled chocolates, which you get to eat. Collected your lolly-pop and take a look around the museum at your own leisure.  On exit you can buy more chocolate or try a hot chocolate, cake etc. I can highly  recommend  the hot chocolate, but I wish I had stuck to just the one.



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