York Minster

Y01 7HH

Admission Adult £10 child Free.

York Minster was built  between 1220 and 1472 and took over 250 to bring it to what is seen today.  It’s full name being ‘Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of St Peter in York’ The first church in this spot was a wooden chapel  constructed for the baptism of King Edward of Northumbria in 627. This was later replaced with a stone church which was built on the site of a Roman basilica.

This was destroyed by the Danes during the  period that followed the invasion of William The Conqueror, it was then rebuilt in the Norman manner.

In the 13th century when the Gothic style swept across Europe, a  rebuild was ordered, in hopes that this new structure would rival the elegance of the new cathedral constructed in Canterbury.

The minster that we see toady was built from creamy-white magnesian limestone quarried from  Tadcaster.

The minster is a truly beautiful and awe-inspiring building, that you must take your time in seeing, a whiz around it won’t do.





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