York Castle Museum

Eye of York,

Admission adults £10, child free with adult up to 4 children then £4.50 per child.

A lovely museum  that is housed in an 18th century prison buildings and you can easily spend a full day wandering around it. There’s so much to look at from period rooms to the story of York chocolate, relive your childhood with a trip through the toy gallery.
The world-famous Victorian cobbled street Kirkgate takes you back to Victorian times for a full 24 hours, as you wander around the buildings and streets you can hear the street vendors, dogs barking and children playing. As evening falls the light dims and a thunderer storm starts, morning comes as the light comes back to the sound of news paper sellers and barrow boys calls.

An iron corset and crotchless pantaloons from the time of Jane Austen are just a couple of the items of clothing in the ‘Shaping the Body 400 Years of Fashion, Food and Life exhibition.

Until the end of 2018 an exhibition called 1914-When The World Changed Forever can be seen.   The exhibition starts in the pre-war golden age of peace and prosperity then you are sent  to the recruitment office and travel via train to the horrors of the frontline.  Rats, foot rot, shell shock and gas warfare are all shown.

In it’s day the prison was both brutal and crooked, In the  original cells of the prison you can see some of the most infamous inmates brought to life by projections on the cell walls. You meet it’s most notorious prisoner  Dick Turpin who was hanged, the last woman to  be burnt at the stake in Yorkshire, a Luddite, a notorious turnkey, a man who was beaten so badly in prison he died and a young tearaway who went on to lead a successful life in Australia.

A small sixties  exhibition recreate the decade which saw momentous change in many areas of public and private life. The gallery uses iconic objects from  social history, art, fashion, military and astronomy collections to bring back the atmosphere of change which swept over the country in the 1960’s. exhibits include a Lambretta scooter, a Dansette record player, Beatles singles and fashion by Mary Quant.



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