The Roman Bath

St Sampsons Square,

Admission Adult £3.50 child £2.00

Found at the side of the Roman Bath Pub down a flight of stairs lies what is left of  a Caldarium, a Roman steam bath. The remains were found  when renovations to a tavern were being  made in 1930. The Caldarium, and a plunge bath  were excavated and  visitors can now walk over the top of them by way of a metal foot bridge and see the place where Roman soldiers and citizens came to find relaxation.

The  museum shows remains of the baths with Roman artefacts and replica articles of everyday life. There are facts about Roman life in York scattered about the museum on placards, and  armour, weapons, and Roman tiles can be seen up close.

A small shop at the end has books and cards for sale and also a small dressing up spot, (yes I did don an helmet, sword and shield).

A nice little place to learn about how the Romans kept clean and went to the loo, (a sponge on a stick had some small children amused and others pulling faces).




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