Jorvik Viking Centre

Coppergate Shopping Centre,

19 Coppergate,



Admission adults £10.25 child £7.25

You enter the museum down a flight of stairs onto a glass floor, look down and you are standing on the site of the Coppergate dig. An immersive display takes you back to the 1970’s. Where you hear the stories of the archaeologists who were involved in the excavation and helped piece together the story of the Vikings of Jorvik Where they came from, how they lived, died and where they travelled to.
Next you hop into a ‘time capsule’ ( a monorail type thing) and taken back 1000 years in time. Houses, workshops and backyards are re-created on the very site where they were discovered. You meet the many different people (animatronics) who once called Jorvik home. From Old Norse speakers descended from the Vikings of Scandinavia to Anglo-Saxons, traders from the East and new settlers from Ireland.

Not only do you experience the sights and sounds you also get a whiff of the smells of the Viking times.

Once the time ride is over, there’s a room full of artifacts and information to explore.

The animatronics are scarcely lifelike. Well worth a visit if you like history.


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