Fairfax House

Fairfax House

Admission Adult £7.50 child £3.00

Fairfax House was the townhouse of the Hon. Miss Anne Fairfax and was gifted to her by her father Charles, 9th Viscount Fairfax of Emley. They both lived on Castlegate, one of York’s principal streets,  from 1762 to 1772. Fairfax house was their town house used in winter from where they could enjoy York’s winter season. Their summer home being, Gilling Castle.

The Viscount acquired the property for his daughter in 1759 radical rebuilding and refurbishing  to create a new and sumptuous townhouse residence. He employed  Yorkshire architect, John Carr, to carry out this complex undertaking.

The house has a checkered past, it has been a gentlemen’s club, dance hall and a cinema.

The house has some beautifully artifacts, and marvelous Stucco ceilings.


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