The Coventry Music Museum


Admission Adults £3, children £1

This is a lovely little volunteer run museum set in a small courtyard called the 2-tone village. (2 tone is Sak music).
The museum areas include Pre Pop starting the story at 60AD and the Roman Occupation. A reproduction record shop listening booth that tells the story of The Coventry Sound, Lennon Corner and the mark II John & Yoko bench. The Timeline cabinets looks at 50’s and 60’s music. They also have the tape recorder used and owned by electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire, (Dr Who music fame).
The 90’s and noughties show Bhangra stars Panjabi MC and Taz Singh, with an exhibitionist of their stage instruments. Nearly half of the museum is dedicated to 2-Tone,with cabinets dedicated to The Specials, The Selecter, The Beat and Madness. There’s a 2-Tone Legacy wall looking at the real meaning of 2-Tone and its multicultural message. They also have a temporary exhibition space.

There’s instruments to play, quizzes to try and even a wall of recorders, pick your favorite and it could be played on the local radio.



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