Parys Mountain

Parys mountain



Around 2-2½ hours to do the full walk

Have you ever wanted to walk on another planet? If the answer is yes, take a walk around Parys Mountain, it could easily  be another planet or another time. As we walked around is wasn’t hard to imagine we were on Mars, or in Middle earth, or even a scene from G.O.T

Parys is a disused copper mine which has been mined since the Bronze Age.

In the late 1760’s  a mass of copper ore  was discovered  prompting large scale mining, with yields so great that Amlwch came to dominate the world copper market for a decade, and so became known as   the ‘Copper Kingdom’, and the owner Thomas Williams became known as the ‘Copper King’.  It is thought that there is still a reserve of about 6 million tonnes beneath the old mine workings.

The landscape appears barren, butsupports a variety of wildlife, including birds such as skylark, meadow pipit and chough.  Plants that are able to tolerate high concentrations of copper and zinc are able to survive there.

A beautiful and slightly eerier place




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2 Responses to Parys Mountain

  1. I live in Wales yet I’ve never been to Anglesey (although my brother has been there today!). This looks like a great place to visit. 🙂


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