Birmingham Weekender 2017

Birmingham Weekender
22nd to 24th September


As ever a fun filled weekend put on by Birmingham, lot’s of music, dancing, food and drink. details of the full events are here Due to other commitments I could only manage to see the Rangeeli (vids below) and Second Chance, three short operas by Birmingham Opera Company – Freedom bridge by Susanna Self sung by Alison Rose, Hi Sam by Yfat Soul Zisso sung by Maureen Brathwaite she as some voice, That’s just Life, isn’t it by Chloe Knibbs sung by Stephen Bowen, his voice makes you go all melty inside.
The Rangeeli Colours of Birmingham Parade was a riot of sound and colour, the star had to be Harminder a life sized elephant made form recycled materials.




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