I love a Bridge

Conwy has three iconic bridges right next to each other just outside the city walls, and another not to far away from that.

The Thomas Telford suspension bridge is one of the earliest surviving suspension bridges although now it is closed to  traffic you can walk across it. It is now a Grade I listed structure  and sits between the modern A547 road bridge  built in 1958 and the  Robert Stephenson’s iron box girder railway bridge built in 1848. All three bridges  cross the River Conwy.

In 1821,  improvements to the road between Chester and Holyhead, were needed so money was allocated for a bridge across the River Conwy. The engineer for road and bridge was Thomas Telford with William Alexander Provis as  engineer.
Work on the bridge began in 1822 and was finished in 1826.  The castellated towers deliberately echo the turrets of medieval Conwy Castle.

Conwy Suspension Bridge was originally a toll bridge, replacing the ferry that plied between Conwy and Anglesey.  In 1896, its timber deck was replaced by a 2.5m wide roadway of iron plates. The bridge carried traffic until 1958.

In 1848 Robert Stephenson designed the  first ever Tubular railway bridge, the bridge was built by stonemason William Evans, it is the only remaining Tubular bridge left in the world and still carry’s trains.

In 1958 the road bridge was built, a single arch bridge. It was faced with stone to blend in with the castle.

In 1991 and Immersed tunnel, The North Wales Expressway was built to cope with todays heavy traffic. Made form pre-fabricated tube it was floated out and sunk into the river bed, it was the first of it’s kind in the UK.


I love a good bridge




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