Smallest House

10 Lower Gate Street
North Wales
LL32 8BE

Admission Adults  £1 children 50p

The Smallest House in Great Britain can be found on Conwy’s quayside. Once inside (maximum of two people at a time)  a short audio history of the property is played.

The Smallest House is just 72 inches wide by 122 inches high. It was occupied right up until May 1900 by   a local fisherman called Robert Jones (who was  6 foot 3 tall) – before Mr Jones an elderly couple lived there. Up stairs there is room for a single bed, down stairs has just enough room for a fireplace, a coal bunker, table and chair.

All I could think was cleaning would be a doddle 😀

It really is  sweet little place, but I couldn’t imagine living there, where would I put all my books.



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50 something who enjoys being out and about, but doesn't always have the time :)
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