Halesowen Abbey

Halesowen Abbey
West Midlands, B62 8RJ

Admission Free

This is a strange one to visit, depending on what you google you get
opening times
Exterior open to view any reasonable time during daylight hours or 9th August 2017 to March 29 2018. Truth is there are no opening times because it’s not open to the public at all. The abbey is set in farm land and can only be seen from a pathway which is a right of way. The directions are not very clear either, stating that it is Off A456, 1⁄2 mile west of J3, M5. The A456 is a duel carriageway, and the only parking is on the housing estate on the opposite side of this carriageway. Once parked you take your life in your hands crossing this very busy road, as there are no crossings. Then it’s a short walk through a corn field where you can see part of the ruin which is a fence and a field away from the path. I can’t see how they can stop you seeing this at any time as it is on a right of way path.

King John gave the manor of Hales, Shropshire, to Peter des Roches Bishop of Winchester in 1214 to build whatever house of religion he wanted, The Abbey at Halesowen was established four years later, dedicated to the Virgin and St John the Evangelist. The Abbey was colonised by canons from the existing Premonstratensian monastery at Welbeck, Nottinghamshire.

In 1538 William Taylor the last abbot surrendered the abbey and all its possessions to the Crown, two years later the monastic buildings were partly demolished. Henry VIII granted the abbey estate to Sir John Dudley who then passed it to his servant George Tuckey. Later some parts of the monastic buildings were incorporated into the north barn of Manor Farm.

In 1915 the abbey came into the guardianship of the state.

Would I visit again? No I don’t think so, I don’t think I could recommend it either.




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