Leasowen Walled Garden

The Leasowes
Leasowes Lane
Mucklow Hill
West Midlands
B62 8DH

Admission free

This Walled Garden lies at the heart of The Leasowes  Park, it can be reached by taking the red walking route from the main car park.

The Walled Garden and the Slip Garden covers approximately 2 acres and has been in existence for more than 240 years, but it has remained a bit of an hidden gem.  This is partly because  most people who are aware of them think of them as the compound for the Council’s parks department and as an educational Horticultural College.

In November 2014 the Halesowen Abby Trust purchased the gardens and dedicated it for public benefit. The purchase was supported by donations from A J Mucklow PLC, Dudley Council, The  friends of Leasowes and other fund raising.

The garden is in the process of being restored to it former glory, be it slowly, as it is being done by volunteers and with donations.

The orchard is complete with it’s beehives and a wildlife pool in under construction, the old porter cabins are being pulled down as soon as the funds for an Eco loo have been found. The parts that have been completed are really pretty. It’s a big job they have on their hands.

There is no charge to enter, all they ask is for you too sign in and out, (Just your name, date, time in and out and a comment, so you don’t have to worry about being bombarded with mail etc.), this is because their funding is directly linked to how many people visited.



After this walk we went on a bear hunt and found another 3 bears, there should have been 6, but the others were locked away in Lightwoods house. I will do a post about Lightwoods when I can find the house open.


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