Leasowes Park

Leasowes Park
B62 8DH


This park is truly an oasis of beauty and tranquility in a very built up area.

The park covers 141 acres and has many very pretty features with woodland, grassland, streams, waterfalls and large ponds which attract a variety of wildlife.  Dragonflies, toads, kingfisher and newts can be spotted  in the wetland areas and woodpeckers, tawny owls and badgers in the woodland.
The park was designed by the poet William Shenstone between 1743 and 1763. William inherited the land as a dairy farm and  remodel the estate on scenes inspired by pastoral poetry.

Now all that is left of the estate is this wonderful park/nature reserve. The house and grounds around the house are now golf course and club house.

The Leasowes is considered one of the most significant parks in the country because it to be thought to be one of the first natural landscape gardens in England.

In resent years the park as undergone a bit of a renovation to try to bring it back to the way it would have looked in Williams day, there are well marked walking routes some of which are steep. Fantastic views from the top of Clee Hills and Clent and a nice touch are the benches dotted around with parts of William’s poems etched into them.

There is also a gem within the gem ‘The Walled Garden’ few people know about this walled garden and it history. It can easily be found on the red route walk and is open to the public on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday Mornings. It’s run and maintained by volunteers. We walked to route on Sunday and were lucky enough to run into one of the volunteers as he was locking up. After asking the opening times he kindly offer to give us a quick look around, it is in the process of being renovated, but what has been done is beautifully and you can imagine what it will be like after completion. I don’t want to say too much about it in this post because we intend to go back when it is open to take advantage of time to really get the feel of the place, then I shall do a little blog for it all of it’s own. Trevor explained a lot of the garden to us and the fact that they rely on donations to keep the place going, so there is a donation box if you wish to donate. All they ask is for you to sign their book, just name, date, time you arrived and the time you left, and a comment. The amount of people they get through the gate is directly linked the amount of funding they get. I don’t think that’s a lot to ask people to do. I really hope this walled garden is kept going.

A big thank you to Trevor for taking time out for us.





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  1. ladyfi says:

    Looks lovely.


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