Tatton Park

Tatton Park
WA16 6QN

Admission, car parking £6.00 but this gives you access the one thousand acres of parkland, pools and deer parks.

Admission to gardens £6.00

Tatton garden is set in 50 acres so it’s not too difficult to get around in a couple of hours, the paths being relatively flat and well kept means its accessible to all. Over 200 hundred years each generation of the Egerton family have added their own designs and ideas to the gardens, which has given the garden quite a few different stiles to appreciate.

I particularly liked the Japanese garden which can only be seen from the perimeter, it is opened up at high season for a couple of days a week and can be entered for a small charge, however our visit was not high season so we couldn’t partake in that pleasure. Another fun part is the maze, if you manage to find the middle (without cheating, there were an awful lot of people squeezing between the trees and under the wire on our visit), you can greet the Green man who stands at its centre. He is beautifully carved from wood.

The gardens also contain a few very pretty bridges, a walled kitchen garden, rose garden with a very relaxing pool for bathing, Tower garden which contains the Tower which was used to watch for sheep stealing, inside you can see the skull of one of the watchers. There’s a conservatory, fernery, Italian garden which is beautifully, Mercury’s pool, An African hut, american garden which was very over grown, several pools, and Choragic Monument.

It seemed a bit unkept in parts, although we did see gardeners around tidying.  Not one of the prettiest gardens we have been to but still a nice place to visit.




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  1. This isn’t too far away really… I must go one day! 🙂


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