Bearwood Street Festival


Bearwood High st.
Admission free
One off event

Bearwoods first street festival took place on the 11 June, and given that it was the first and done without any help from the council it was really good. The whole day had a happy vibe and was well organised. It kicked off at 11.30 and went on until 5.30.

There was food a plenty, 6 bands/groups played throughout the day, market stalls, story telling, an automaton by Rowland Emett. Plus a lot more.  There were lots of hands on join in things for the little ones to do. Including The Mystery of the Cosmic Clocks, a short play by The Highly Sprung Performance Company, where the children have to find the cogs to help repair the three clocks in Bearwood, because they are the clocks that control all time.

The grey lady who haunts Warley Woods part of The Mystery of the Cosmic Clock. (Just a short clip)

Rowland Emett’s automaton

Junior Blue Notes

Electric Swing Circus

Rhino and The Ranters

Photos videos by Tilly

About Tilly travel

50 something who enjoys being out and about, but doesn't always have the time :)
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2 Responses to Bearwood Street Festival

  1. ladyfi says:

    Looks like a lot of fun.


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