Mevagissey Muesum

Mevagissey Museum
East Wharf, Inner Harbour
Cornwall  PL26 6QR

Admission Free


The building that houses the museum Dates from 1745 and it was part of a boat builder’s yard that  extended to the far corner of the cliff. It was built straight into the rock face and this can see  behind the kitchen dresser. Boats used to be constructed on the ground floor, the first floor was the carpenter’s workshop and the top floor was used as a store.

When  Arthur Frazier, retired, he offered to sell the building to the museum at a reduced cost and due to the generosity of a local benefactor, Mrs Matson, the museum trustees were able to acquire the building .

There is a remarkable amount of  stuff in this little museum to look at including a very interesting dolls house, I love a dolls house and spent some time looking at the one here.

Some of the other exhibits include Ship building and sail making,   the top floor of the Museum covers fishing and there is a collection of items that have either been recovered from the local beaches or which managed to find their way in to a local fisherman’s net, including  whalebone’s, a turtle shell and an aircraft propeller.

Andrew Pears was born on the outskirts of Mevagissey  eventually moving to London where he spent many years trying to perfect a clear soap and there is a small exhibit that covers this.

There’s a nod to Mevagissey bank founded by Philip Ball & Son in 1807, and went bankrupt in 1824. A copy of a bank note  can be seen in the museum along with the old bank door.

Mevagissey was the first village in Cornwall to benefit from the introduction of electricity and this is also covered in the museum.


Its easy to spend a couple of hours in this little treasure trove.




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2 Responses to Mevagissey Muesum

  1. ladyfi says:

    What a lovely, little museum.


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