The Lost Gardens of Heligan

The Lost Gardens of Heligan,
PL26 6EN

Adults £14.50
OAP £12.50
Children 17 £12.50
Under 5 free.

Heligan was the seat of the Tremayne family for more than 400 years. At the end of the nineteenth century Heligan’s thousand acres were in their prime,but the outbreak of WW1 was the start of the estate’s decline as its workforce went off to fight in the trenches which left the gardens unkempt and aloud them to become over grown and lost. The gardens and land at Heligan were never sold or developed like many other big houses and lands of that time, and the house was eventually sold off in 1970.

In 1990 John Willis a descendant of Tremaynes introduced Tim Smit to the mess that the gardens had become. His curiosity about the place began the restoration of the gardens. It is now a wonderful, beautiful, magical place.

At 200 acres This is not a quick wiz around garden, well not if you want to take it all in. The garden is set in area’s, and there are some very steep hills.

The Garden as a kitchen garden, the melon yard which contains the thunderbox room and a pineapple pit, a Bee bole wall, head gardener’s office and  flower gardens.

The pleasure grounds contain the sundial garden, Sikkim, Penclenick greenhouse, Italian garden, The Ravine, The Mount, Summerhouse, New Zealand garden, The Grotto, Wishing Well and reserve yards.

Home Farm contains The barn, sawmill and workshop, poultry orchard, (with some very naughty hens on the day we visited), and wildlife hide.

Lost Valley has a Charcoal Sculpture and working charcoal kilns.

The Jungle has a Fern Gulley and a Burma Rope bridge, (great fun to cross).

Georgian Ride had a bee observation, however sadly the bees have died. It also as a fantastic Insect Hotel.

Along the Estate Woodland walk the Giant’s head, and play ground can be found along with the Mud maid and the Grey Lady.

There are also plenty of animals to look at including some very noisy pigs.




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