St Austell Brewery

St Austell Brewery

St Austell


PL25 4BY

Admission free

Brewing Experience £12

St Austell brewery has been a brewery since 1851 but only got it’s name in 1939. It was founded by Walter Hicks and was run and still is run as a family concern. They produce some of the best cask ales as well as bottled/canned beers and larger’s along with wines and sprites.

The brewing experience is a good way to find out about the brewing process right from the water to the casking and the history of the beers.  On arrival we were given 2 beer bottle tops each,  these could be exchanged for the tasting experience or a pint in the Hicks bar who also do very nice food, or a bottle  to take home.  We were greeted with a glass of beer to sample and drink at our leisure throughout the first part of the tour. Then it was a trip to watch the beer casks being filled and plugged before going on to the tasting. I have been on tasting experiences before but never on one were so many products were sampled or so much information given about each one. We were also given a copy of the history the brewery. Not a bad deal really for £12.


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