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The Shared Individual

Small charge

The Shared Individual is created by Makropol based in Copenhagen, they teamed up with Swedish performing arts organisation, Bombina Bombast, which makes this project  a genuinely pioneering example of augmented reality. Mixing film, theatre, performance, and technological trickery, this is a VR experience which is so different to any other.

The write up for the show says-

The show begins with two presenters and a mannequin on stage. Sporting a specially-made helmet with a custom built camera, the mannequin delivers a panoramic field-of-view-video stream, which broadcasts live to the audiences headsets. Through a calibration process, the audience then becomes ‘the shared individual’. What follows is an out-of-body experience in which things aren’t always as they seem.

and they weren’t kidding, great fun. Although I did feel a bit of a twit, I was the last one to remove my headset at the end. 🙂 I was enjoying myself far too much, far too short a performance in my opinion.


Kino Train


Following the Russian Revolution, ‘agit trains’ were an important tool for spreading the Bolshevik gospel to workers across the land, their carriages functioned as printing presses, libraries and cinemas

The flatpack team had dreamt of taking to the rails with a mobile film unit, and so the Kino Train was born. The show consisted of short films, I loved Chickens/The elephant in the room and Paws. The planets were another favourite. Films included-

Colour Box
Globe-trotting selection of family shorts, including highlights from this year’s Colour box and some greatest hits from past festivals.

A Taste of Flatpack
If you’re trying to work out what to go and see at Flatpack 11, this lucky dip of shorts and trailers might come in useful.

The Iron Road
Compendium of archive railway footage including the thrilling Let’s Go To Birmingham (1962), which will take you from Paddington to Snow Hill in under 6 minutes.




5  dioramas with holographic images of 5 different films created by  Jeff Desom. Wonderfully done.

Not sure if Flatpack is traveling  around but if it does and comes anywhere near you, give it ago.

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