The Lock Inn to Watermill and Brinton Pak

This is a nice little walk of around 6 mile. We picked up this canal walk at the Lock Inn in Wolverley Worcestershire and followed it to Watermill Kidderminster. The walk has good towpaths (can be muddy in bad weather) and at one point you walk with the canal on your left and the river Stour on your right. On summer days lots of boats can be seen meandering along the canal and navigating the locks, and there are always birds and squirrels to watch. Just before the first sign of Kiddy comes into sight look out for the carving of the king fishers across the bank, just around the bend from this is your first glimpse of an old chimney, used when carpets were still made in Kidderminster. Not long after this the towpath widens out into a tarmacked path and smart houses can be seen on the opposite side of the bank. Continuing along the path and under an old bridge and you catch the first glimpse of Kidderminster, the steeple of one of its churches. Not long after this you pass St. Mary’s and All Saints, an imposing sight and at the time we passed it’s bells were ringing. It is the largest parish Church in Worcestershire and dates mainly from the 15th and 16th centuries. (We intend to visit again to take a look around later in the year).

Just a few yards further on and you cross over the canal, and drop down under the bridge and back onto the towpath into the town center. It’s worth going into the town to look at some of the old mill buildings that now house shops and cafés.  Back onto the towpath it’s an easy walk to Watermill. At this point there are several choices, continue on to Stourport, turn around and walk back, pop into the Watermill for light refreshments or a pint or two, or visit Brinton Park just over the road from the Watermill. We have done this walk many times, sometimes carrying on to Stourport, other times just retracing our steps or dropping into the Watermill, but we have never been to the park. So this trip we decided to take a look.

12.067 hectares of open land it could be called beautiful if it wasn’t for all of the rubbish laying around and the graffiti.

The park boasts Public and Disabled Toilets, Bandstand, Bowling Green, enclosed play area, tennis courts, basketball courts and five-a-side, ornamental beds and gardens and sensory garden, paddling pool and skate-park, although we could only find one garden and wasn’t all that sure whether it was the sensory garden or one of the others and the padding pool as gone. We found an old map of the park and would have loved to have seen it in its heyday with it’s cannons and ornamental pools.


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2 Responses to The Lock Inn to Watermill and Brinton Pak

  1. This sounds like a lovely walk. I love canals and the areas around them 🙂


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