Birmingham Museum an Art Gallery

Ryan Gander’s Night At The Museum

Birmingham Museum and Art gallery

until 12th February 2017


dsc02336What happens when the lights go out and everyone leaves at the end of the day?
Night in the Museum offers a unique view of what might happen after hours when artworks are left alone.

Ryan Gander selected works blends both a collection of modern and contemporary British art with pieces from artists including Birmingham-born Roger Hiorns, Jacob Epstein and Henry Moore.

The sculptures are presented in a way that they appear to be gaze at other works featuring the colour blue, a colour which is important to Ganders work.

I loved this exhibition, and at times felt as if some of the pieces were a vistor enjoying the art along side me and not part of the exhibition.

I then went for a look around the main museum as it had been many years since I had last visited, I was very disappointed, gone were the dinosaurs, rocks and minerals, old toy’s, stuffed animals, replaced by modern history and lot’s of things for children to play with. I understand that places have to move with the times, but it really feels like the place has lost it’s soul.

The thing they can’t change is the architecture, the building still has a wonderful round room, wrought iron beams and old gas lighting.











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