Delamere Forest

Delamere Forest and Blakemere Moss

Free admission

All ages

Delemere forest is a lovely quiet forest in Cheshire plain. Idea for walking with small children or people who find long walks too much. The paths are sandstone with very few inclines/declines, and are easily walked if you take your time.

There are three easy marked walks,

      Linmere Trail starts at Delamere forest centre green waymarkers around  1.7miles


      Blakemere Trail starts at Delamere forest centre – red waymarkers around 3.6 miles


      Easy Access Trail starts at Barnsbridge car park, this is just  part of  the red trail and is a  surfaced path leading down to the  landscape of Blakemere Moss.

If you fancy a climb then there’s Old Pale to climb. This walk starts at Limere visitor centre, walk to the end of the road, cross the car park and pick up the path on the opposite side. The hill rises to a height of 176 meters and has fantastic views on a good day.

Blakemere moss is reclaimed wetland and is creepily beautiful in the winter, walk all the way round if you can there are parts with small paths that lead out into the water.

We have visited the forest many times over the years and for us it is at it’s best in the autumn and winter, the colours in autumn are wonderful and there’s nothing like walking the forest with the frost twinkling or the mist weaving its way through the trees.

For a bit of fun, (You don’t need kiddies, we didn’t ) you can go in search of the Gruffalo, although take care if you have a dog, on our walk we saw a dog and a horse become very upset at finding the Gruffalo.



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