Manchester cathedral

Manchester Cathedral

Free to enter, £1 for a guild leaflet.

dsc02166This is a very pretty cathedral and where it stands has had many churchs on the same spot over the years, the first being way back in Saxon times. It became a cathedral in 1847. In 1940 parts of the cathedral were lost in the blitz and it took nearly 20 years to complete the repairs.

There are some lovely carvings and beautiful stained glass windows, (these were post blitz) and three misericords. A pleasent hour can be spent looking around.

After looking around the cathedral take a  walk to the cathedral vistors centre, just a short walk from the cathedral to see the hanging bridge. The Hanging Bridge was the gateway to the medieval quarter, built in 1421 the Hanging Bridge was always the hub of mancunian life. Today it can been seen in the lower floor of the centre


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