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Bodenham Arboretum


DY11 5TB

Closed Monday and Tuesday
Open from 11 to 5
Prices vary depending on time of year Ā£4.50 to Ā£6.50

This arboretum has several miles of paths that lead through over 3000 species of shrubs and trees and 300 species of flowers. It has 9 pools, a farm, 2 islands, a fernery, gazebo, azalea garden, and a visitor centre/cafe.

This time of year it really is beautiful with it’s autumn colours. It’s so easy to lose the day here.

The place is the brain child of David Binnian and his wife Jennifer. In 1973 they bought the land and 30 years later they realise their dream. It started as my hobby, they planting a few trees each winter, until it developed into what it is today. Itā€™s now a family business, with the second generation of Binnians involved in its planning, development and day-to-day management. Bodenham received conditional English Heritage status in 1995.


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The Coventry Music Museum


Admission Adults Ā£3, children Ā£1

This is a lovely little volunteer run museum set in a small courtyard called the 2-tone village. (2 tone is Sak music).
The museum areas include Pre Pop starting the story at 60AD and the Roman Occupation. A reproduction record shop listening booth that tells the story of The Coventry Sound, Lennon Corner and the mark II John & Yoko bench. The Timeline cabinets looks at 50ā€™s and 60ā€™s music. They also have the tape recorder used and owned by electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire, (Dr Who music fame).
The 90ā€™s and noughties show Bhangra stars Panjabi MC and Taz Singh, with an exhibitionist of their stage instruments. Nearly half of the museum is dedicated to 2-Tone,with cabinets dedicated to The Specials, The Selecter, The Beat and Madness. Thereā€™s a 2-Tone Legacy wall looking at the real meaning of 2-Tone and its multicultural message. They also have a temporary exhibition space.

There’s instruments to play, quizzes to try and even a wall of recorders, pick your favorite and it could be played on the local radio.


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The Big Sleuth Back Together

Earlier this year I went on a bear hunt and now it’s time for the bears to be sold off for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital charity , so they are all brought together for one last view. Below is a link for the photos.



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Parys Mountain

Parys mountain



Around 2-2Ā½ hours to do the full walk

Have you ever wanted to walk on another planet? If the answer is yes, take a walk around Parys Mountain, it could easilyĀ  be another planet or another time. As we walked around is wasn’t hard to imagine we were on Mars, or in Middle earth, or even a scene from G.O.T

Parys is a disused copper mine which has been mined since the Bronze Age.

In the late 1760’sĀ  a mass of copper oreĀ  was discoveredĀ  prompting large scale mining, with yields so great that Amlwch came to dominate the world copper market for a decade, and so became known asĀ  Ā the ā€˜Copper Kingdomā€™, and the owner Thomas Williams became known as the ā€˜Copper Kingā€™.Ā  It is thought that there is still a reserve of about 6 million tonnes beneath the old mine workings.

The landscape appears barren, butsupports a variety of wildlife, including birds such as skylark, meadow pipit and chough.Ā  Plants that are able to tolerate high concentrations of copper and zinc are able to survive there.

A beautiful and slightly eerier place



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Llandudno is situated in the Creuddyn Peninsula, it sits between the Great Orme and the Little Orme.

The beach is sand, shingle and rock and curves for two miles between the headlands of the Great Orme and theĀ Little Orme.

Llandudno’sĀ North Shore has a wide curving Victorian promenade, which is not allowed to have any shops or stalls. This makes the promenade a delight to spend time on, without the stalls/shops walking, cycling, skateboarding is easy.

The pier is Grade II listed and datesĀ  from the late 1800s , it has an array of shops, cafe, bars and attractions.

The town has plenty of shops including some really good seaside shops, (seaside rubbish, but come on who doesn’t love these shops), it also has some lovely places to eat.

A tour bus can be taken from here to Conwy, a nice way to see the sights and learn a little more about the area.

Llandudno also has a Alice in Wonderland trail, however we visited rather late in the afternoon and the visitorsĀ  information shop was closed meaning we couldn’t obtain a map, After wandering around for a while we found a few of the statues, then the weather decided to play monsoon, so we gave up and went to eat.

I like Llandudno, it’s a good old fashioned seaside town



Tilly Travel

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Birmingham Weekender 2017

Birmingham Weekender
22nd to 24th September


As ever a fun filled weekend put on by Birmingham, lot’s of music, dancing, food and drink. details of the full events are here Due to other commitments I could only manage to see the Rangeeli (vids below) and Second Chance, three short operas by Birmingham Opera Company – Freedom bridge by Susanna Self sung by Alison Rose, Hi Sam by Yfat Soul Zisso sung by Maureen Brathwaite she as some voice, That’s just Life, isn’t it by Chloe Knibbs sung by Stephen Bowen, his voice makes you go all melty inside.
The Rangeeli Colours of Birmingham Parade was a riot of sound and colour, the star had to be Harminder a life sized elephant made form recycled materials.



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Llyn Brenig

Llyn Brenig


Llyn Brenig is a beautiful reservoir and is one of the largest inland areas of water in Wales. It has a perimeter of 9.5 miles and is surrounded by forest. The reservoir was built between 1973 and 1976 and helps to regulate the water supply to the river Dee.

There are lots of walks around the reservoir and the forest with lots of wildlife, get there early can you can see deer. There are also a number of cycle paths, so there is really something for everyone.

There is a very nice clean cafe that overlooks the reservoir that serves very good reasonable priced food.



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